Strategies and programs to ensure robust compliance.

This platform is an enabler for organizations that must comply with Singapore’s Cybersecurity Act 2018. Statutory compliance is a ‘must do’. Board of Directors have a fiduciary duty to ensure compliance with the law.

This platform seeks to provides the legal contents, strategies and programs to ensure compliance of the Cybersecurity Act 2018 with ease. Reading and understanding legislation (even for lawyers) is not easy. This site seeks to make compliance easier through the following steps:

    1. Develop a corporate or organizational business strategy for risk management that includes statutory compliance risk management
    2. Create awareness and build organizational capabilities to fully comply with the laws and regulations that ultimately will strengthen cyber resilience
    3. Create a robust Governance, Risk and Compliance framework
    4. Implement a statutory compliance program as part of the GRC framework to comply with Cybersecurity Act 2018 that includes, among others:
        1. Appointment of advisors/consultants to conduct an audit of the organization’s state of readiness to comply with Cybersecurity Act 2018
        2. Process review to comply with the Cybersecurity Act 2018
        3. Ensuring control measures are in place during the execution phase
        4. Stress testing compliance SOP (standard operating procedures) through test
        5. Communicating the results of the test to the organization’s Board of Directors
        6. Strategic engagement with the regulatory authorities in Singapore including Cyber Security Agency and sectoral regulators such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore